Do You Provide
Estate Planning Service
to Your Clients?

Do You Dread Referring them to Attorneys?

What if you had access to an online estate planning legal service with the following features:

Fast & efficient

web-based technology to automate administrative & paperwork tasks


simple to roll out to many clients, across all 50 states

100% Control

an online dashboard to monitor progress and keep the process moving

Premium support

a source for answers to questions and/or resolving issues fast


fixed fees for services, no surprises (for you or your clients)

Netlaw delivers all of the above.
Netlaw is an online system that provides legal services from the Hargrove Firm, a specialty law firm that has been delivering estate planning services to high-net-worth clients for decades.

Netlaw gives you the quality of legal services you need without the guesswork, delays, and cost overruns.

Our story: A Better Mousetrap

The “Black Hole Problem”

Hargrove Law Firm founder & partner Jamie Hargrove is that rare attorney who is popular among financial advisors. Why? Because he addressed what he likes to call the “black hole problem” for financial advisors. Simply stated, when Financial Advisors need to refer their clients to attorney for estate planning legal services, they too often experience delays, red tape, and unexpected costs.

“First Step Planning”

Jamie had already built a successful estate & trust law practice when he decided to create create a fixed-price, streamlined solution for estate planning. “First Step Planning” as he called it, was quickly embraced by the Financial Advisor community as well as the legal community. In time the service was moved online. And in 2012, the First Step Planning service was awarded the American Bar Association eLawyering award for the best online delivery of legal services in the United States. Hargrove was, as it turned out, ahead of its time.

Netlaw Goes Online

Enter Jamie’s son, Alex Hargrove, a patent-holding inventor in the tech industry. Alex had a vision of how the Hargrove solution could be delivered online to address the huge number of Americans who have no estate plan. He recognized that his father’s method could be delivered with a purpose-built, web-based software application that would make the service easy to use, accessible, simple, and affordable.

That service became Netlaw, and it is now available online to Financial Advisors in all 50 states.

Our Executive Team

Jamie Hargrove
Founding Partner,
Hargrove Firm

Jamie Hargrove spun his current practice (The Hargrove Firm) out of a 160-attorney law firm, where he lead their estate & trust practice for 9 years. Today, The Hargrove Firm has offices in multiple states and continues to evolve from a regional practice in Louisville, Lexington and Nashville to a national presence with the continued focus in Estate Planning, Business Succession Planning, Probate, Trust Administration and related Tax matters.  Hargrove’s focus nationwide is delivering sophisticated estate and tax planning strategies for high net worth families.

As an attorney and a CPA, Jamie’s skillset provides him with a unique perspective that brings added value for his clients.  He is the only attorney & CPA in Kentucky to be designated as an accredited estate planner by the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils. He has been included in numerous editions of The Best Lawyers in America® and have been selected as one of the Best Lawyers in Trust & Estates Law by his peers, as published in "The American Lawyer".   He was an early pioneer of delivering legal service online, creating his “First Step Planning” service to make estate planning more efficient.  In 2012, he was the recipient of the American Bar Association eLawyering award for the best online delivery of legal services of any law firm, of any discipline, in the United States. His “first step planning” system was the foundational idea and technology one which the current Netlaw platform has been built.

Jamie is considered an innovator and thought leader in his profession.  He is the author of the book “The End of Lawyers, Thank Goodness! Estate Planning and the End of Inefficient Lawyers”, which envisions a much-improved interaction between financial advisors and attorneys.  As co-founder of Netlaw, he is currently on a mission to turn that vision into a reality.

Alex Hargrove
CTO & Cofounder,

Alex J Hargrove, JD, (@HargroveAlex) attended Washington and Lee Law School before co-founding a legal technology company, NetLaw (, in 2012. He developed the original American Bar Association award winning platform that led to the company's founding shortly after graduating law school. His company has since raised $13 million dollars in private equity. An inventor of record on multiple patents, Mr. Hargrove has made a career straddling the line between lawyers and the world of high-tech. He currently serves as Chief Technology Officer at NetLaw and sits on its board.

No other online legal service combines the efficiency & control of an automated, do-it-yourself estate planning system with the professionalism of a highly experienced & specialized law firm.

Why Financial Advisors Prefer Netlaw

You need top notch legal services, and you need them to be provided in an efficient, transparent way so you can maintain accountability to your clients at all times. Netlaw is built to provide that level of service.

Estate planning can be a critical component of your service offering, helping you to consolidate your clients’ existing assets or bring new assets under your advisement. An efficient, high quality system for delivering legal services in a timely manner will help you focus on the priorities for your business. Netlaw is designed with you, and your clients, in mind.

Client-facing online dashboard + +
Financial Advisor dashboard +
Seasoned, specialized attorneys + +
Attorney access throughout, no extra cost +
Advanced document automation +
24/7 online access to monitor progress + +
Fixed fees, no surprise costs + +

What Other Financial advisors are saying:

“I’ve worked with my share of law firms over the years, and I can’t tell you how many times I have referred my client to estate planning lawyers and have seen the whole process grind to a halt. But working with the Hargrove firm has been a breath of fresh air. They have a defined process, they have the resources in place, and they really know their stuff.“
“I do a lot of estate planning for my clients, and the last thing I need is to spend time waiting & wondering when I am going to hear back from the estate planning attorneys. When I work with Hargrove I know what to expect, and when to expect it. “
“I do estate planning for clients all over the U.S. So I need attorneys who know how to execute legal services in all 50 states. I don’t know how they managed it, but the Hargrove firm makes it seamless for me. I get the same high quality service at the same flat rate, no matter where my client lives. “
“My clients expect full service estate planning from me, and that means I need to depend on attorneys. And too often in the past, that has also meant being prepared for unpredictable complications and delays. The folks at the Hargrove firm took the time to understand the needs of Financial Advisors and built a process that would work for them and their clients. It’s easier for me, but best of all, it’s easier for my clients.”